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창의·융합교육 이수자와 비이수자 간의 역량 차이에 관한 연구 2020-07-09 10:47:50
작성자  지식콘텐츠연구소 조회  14   |   추천  3

The purpose of this study was to check whether there was any real difference in convergence capabilities between the recipients of creative and convergence education and the non-transfer based on the diagnostic tool that was developed previously and to check the effectiveness of university education. The following can be discussed through this study: First, as convergence majors and participants in related subjects rate their creative convergence capabilities relatively higher than non-convergence majors and non-fusionists, they can be said to enhance students' creative convergence capabilities through creative and convergence education, and that the university's education is effective. Second, it is necessary to improve the quantity and quality of classes matched to each competency in the capacity that does not show significant differences through creative and convergence education provided by the current university. Third, individual variations, along with education, also affect their respective creative convergence capabilities, requiring granular education according to the target. Fourth, the creative and convergence education of universities should push for changes such as active promotion of universities, complementing and strengthening the interaction between professors and students through the provision of a single professor's teaching system, diversification of subjects for convergence education, and a negotiated system for educational evaluation.


자료명 창의·융합교육 이수자와 비이수자 간의 역량 차이에 관한 연구 = A Study on the Differences in the Number of Convergence Curriculum and their Convergence Capacity among University Students
저자 노지윤,이상엽,노영희
발행기관 한국비교정부학회




학술지명 한국비교정부학보
권호정보 Vol.23No.3[2019]
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